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"For small business, students, beginners and developers"
Download WISECP for free today, and start working!

Free License have the following features:

25 Clients Limit • Includes every feature of paid license • Free Updates • Community Support

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What are the Terms and Conditions?

  • You must have a registered WISECP account.
  • There are 25 client limits.
  • There are no time constraints.
  • Includes a brand link.
  • Updates are always free.
  • Includes every feature of paid license
  • You can only get support from the community.

I've had a "Trial License" before. Can I get a free license again?

Yes, you can. You can create a free license again with the same domain name.

What will happen if the 25 customer limit is reached?

Once the customer limit for a free license is over, you will no longer be able to register new customers. You must upgrade to a paid license to get more customer registrations.

Can I change my free license's domain name later?

Yes you can. You can change the license domain information at any time through your client area.

Do I need a reinstallation for WISECP if I upgrade to a paid license?

No need. You can continue to use the same without any action.

Can I get support with a free license?

Unfortunately we cannot offer support for free licenses. You can contact our many helpful users who provide information and support for WISECP on the community forums. You can also review our many helpful documents on

Do you have any questions?

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